Triways Logistic LLC's Rail Freight

Triways Logistic LLC-Rail Freight-in-Dubai

UAE has the second largest railway network in the world the total operational length of which is more than 34000 km. The ability to carry different cargoes over long distances, minimizing costs, makes transportation of goods by rail the most popular type of cargo transportation.

A logistic operator TRIWAYS LOGISTIC LLC is the company, which performs the rail freights on the territory of UAE and the international transportations by rail.

The big work experience, gained in the field of rail transportations, developed technologies of planning and implementation of rail freight as well as the wide list of additional services allowing our company to offer customers high-level services of the rail freight at medium cost.

The cargo rail transportation. Available. Reliable. Effectively.

A characteristic feature of Arabian economic reality is the transport factor, which plays a very important role. Long distances between suppliers and consumers have a number of requirements to organization of logistics systems, the main of which are:

  • To ensure stable flows of large volumes of goods;
  • To ensure the observance of the delivery terms with minimum deviations from the timeline;
  • To ensure reliability of the delivery and safety of goods in transit;
  • To minimize the cost of transportation of goods.

In this regard, the rail and road transportation of goods in UAE are in great demand.

Especially the rail freights:

  • Make high capacity for movement of goods;
  • Are effective at transporting goods over long distances;
  • Provide high speed of the transportation of goods;
  • Are perfect for the transportation of certain goods (e.g., for cars);
  • Has a low cost price and allow to reduce the transportation costs.

The company TRIWAYS LOGISTIC LLC performs the cargo rail transportation of goods in the territory of UAE.

We provide the intermodal, multimodal and combined transportation of goods in the following areas:

  • Fujairah;
  • Istambul;
  • Ras al-Khaimah;
  • Abu Dhabi;
  • Ankara;
  • Allepo;
  • Dubai.