Triways Logistic LLC's Quality & Safety

We assure you that the business of TRIWAYS LOGISTIC LLC is confirmed by the state licenses of the Emirates.

The state standard ISSAK 1441-2015 (ISSAK IS 1440-2006) is the main evidence of conformity of quality in transportation services by air freight, truck, rail, water transportation, customs clearance, transport-forwarding operation, responsible storage of goods with the requirements.

SGS certificate insures commercial risks and compensates the possible rejection of the destination. There are many reasons for the accidents of this kind, so we provide the necessary compensation in the event of an unexpected loss.

For example, according to the terms of the agreements, we guarantee a refund of any overload unloaded cargo costs. If necessary, we will also pay on your behalf rerouting cargo to another destination.

Quality Assurance provides for the reimbursement of possible fee simple (as it is likely to delay the estimated time for loading and unloading) and any depreciation of the value of cargo. In case of questions, such measures help to minimize the risks in foreign trade and reduce financial losses.

Other warranty services:

  • full insurance coverage;
  • full guarantee of weight (FOG);
  • full quality assurance (FOQ);
  • Insurance share seller / insurance contingency.

Contact TRIWAYS LOGISTIC LLC, to learn more about SGSquality assurance and additional insurance trade risks.

SGS company provides a full quality assurance (FOQ), which covers the difference as determined on the basis of a comparison of cargo during loading and unloading.

This warranty provides for unloading the quality of preservation of the transported products within the limits set by the contract. The required result is achieved in two ways. Firstly, FOQ guarantee ensures that no differences in the data that are typically observed during sampling and testing. Secondly, the use of the guarantee FOQ accordance with the relevant provisions of the treaty imposes on us the responsibility for the quality of the product differences on the stages of loading and unloading.

In both cases, our guarantee of quality minimizes risk and reduces the likelihood of claims to quality and obtaining financial losses.

Other warranty services:

  • full insurance coverage;
  • full guarantee of weight (FOG);
  • guarantees in case of failure;
  • Insurance share seller / insurance in case of an emergency.

To learn more about these services and how our guarantee covers FOQ mismatch of product quality at the stages of loading and unloading, contact the SGS Group.