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Triways Logistic LLC- Custom-in-Dubai

We provide the customs clearance and customs control.

Any movement of goods across the customs border entails the implementation of mandatory measures related to the customs clearance of goods and the customs control. Without implementation of all these necessary formalities required by law, it will be impossible to move goods across the border.

The company TRIWAYS LOGISTIC LLC is a reliable, qualified and trusted customs representative, which will help you with a process of the customs clearance, control with minimum expense of effort, time and money of our clients. Our company has advanced IT technologies that allow to implement a document circulation between us and our client in the electronic form. Our company has a system of MAR that allows you to place online applications for all types of services, track the status of your shipment and upload the necessary documents on conducted operations with your cargo. We will help you with customs clearance by law, according to the selected customs procedure. We will also help you to go through the customs control and medicine control. In addition, we are ready to organize and implement any technological solution, according to your requirements. From you we need an aim – we will work and implement it in life.

The customs clearance: the procedure and its stages

The procedure of the customs clearance is mandatory in international trade. It is the combination of necessary customs operations, which appear during the movement of vehicles or goods across the customs border. It is quite difficult and requires a lot of preparatory work, special knowledge in the field of foreign trade, knowledge of the customs legislation.

You can do it all by yourself or due to a customs representative – the organization, which works with the customs clearance at the professional level in compliance with customs legislation. The involvement of the customs representative can greatly simplify the customs control and to save time of our client.

Such procedure as the customs clearance (in Dubai or any other city of UAE), is performed in several stages, prescribed by the law. It includes both operations for the delivery and inspection of goods and operations of the direct clearance required for the customs clearance of the goods.