Triways Logistic LLC's Truck Freight

Triways Logistic LLC-Truck Freight-in-Dubai

The Arabian transportation of cargo

The road transportation of goods has a key role in the logistics system and distribution of companies in Dubai. UAE has a wide network of different categories that allows to carry the shipment of different, including unusual types of cargoes (the good that can be dangerous during the way or such goods whicj size can't be convenient for transportation) almost anywhere in Dubai.

Application of the truck freight

Here's the advantageous of truck cargo delivery services:

  • The distribution and delivery of things thanks to the main types of transport;
  • Short distance delivery of such fragile goods as pieces of art or sophisticated decoration;
  • The intercity carriage;
  • Delivery of cargoes for commerce and construction;
  • The transportation of high-value, perishables, requiring fast delivery of goods;
  • Inconvenient goods for handling with the help of other kinds of transport.


The advantage of the road transportation is in mobility, flexibility, rapidity.


Transportation of cargoes by road is one of the most important activities of the logistics operator TRIWAYS LOGISTIC LLC

We're expanding the geography of delivery, increasing the possibilities of a fleet of vehicles, carrying out transportation of various cargoes (small-sized cargo, LCL or dangerous goods) by road, as well as growing the choice of auxiliary services. Now we may offer our partners:

  • The truck freight of general cargo in UAE with carrying capacity from 1,5 to 20 tons;
  • The transit of goods with the weight from 1 kg to 20 tons, more than 300 places across UAE;
  • The delivery of non-standard (oversized, dangerous) cargo vehicles;
  • The possibility of supply of transport on the day of ordering.

The road transportation with us – it is the convenience of ordering, stable system of transportation and confidence for the integrity of your delivery. Ensuring the clients with a large choice of services in the sphere of logistics, TRIWAYS LOGISTIC LLC finds the unique, personal approach to each customer, irrespective of the standing of the company, it is no matter, this organization is international and big or small. We provide a high quality service, based on the analysis of requirements and problems, which our clients have.

TRIWAYS LOGISTIC LLC poses and solves strategic issues of expending of qualitatively new complexes of the services. The transportation process becomes more informational, analytical and technical.