Triways Logistic LLC's Freight Shipping

Triways Logistic LLC- Freight Shipping-in-Dubai

The transportation of cargoes by sea and river

The services for the organization of your goods by the sea and river transport in TRIWAYS LOGISTIC LLC it is:

  • The importation, export and transition;
  • Providing with refrigerators during the way, including the latest industrial AAC 32, BERG YORK, TUSIKAWA 214.
  • The implemention of the freight for cargo of such types as break bulk, RORO, oversized, project cargoes;
  • Charter of ships (the type MPP/RORO/HEAVYLIFT, the type river-sea);
  • Port operations, including discharging and loading on the vessel;
  • The complete forwarding service, including a declaration of our own transport papers and forwarding certificates and admissions;
  • Registration of all required documents for the freight;
  • Operations with the perishable goods and goods that demand on special conditions of storage and transportation.

There is a listing of additional services for the sea and river transit of cargoes:

  • Assurance
  • Enlargement
  • Control and providing of safety of cargo (survey)
  • Weight measurements

Purchase of new or used tanks for the transportation of cargo and their next transmission together with cargo to the place of destination.

The advantages of the freight shipping in TRIWAYS LOGISTIC LLC Using as our own and direct contacts with sea lines as special lines of our partner – a global logistic provider Expeditors International, that gives an opportunity to offer our clients the more optimal prices and terms;

Ensuring the full complex of services “door-door”;

Regular information and monitoring round the clock due to our service;

The international freight shipping;

The freight shipping in the complex container (LCL – Less than Container Load).

TRIWAYS LOGISTIC LLC offers the international freight shipping, consolidation and the delivery in the complex canister, LCL, from North America, Europe, the countries of Southeast Asia, China to UAE. The service LCL can include:

  • Intake of goods from the recipient and its shipping to the storehouse of our agent in the port of shipment;
  • Consolidation of small cargoes from different shippers into one container and shipment in a composition of the complex container in the port of discharge;
  • Unloading at the port of discharge of assembly cargo on separate parts for different recipients;
  • The port forwarding;
  • Registration of the transportation and customs clearance;
  • The further delivery in a combination of a composite car to the recipient’s storehouse;
  • The carriage of the package by the sea;

The international transit of goods by sea is good for almost all kinds of cargoes: bulk, groupage, oversized, project, packaged in different packaging. But, the main benefits of saving on transportation, are received by those transport companies, which carry heavy goods at long distances.

Freight high-speed vessels of international voyage, high quality service in the river and seaports, safe and trustworthy forwarding in the way and correct registration of cargoes – the factors that can make transnational sea and river carriage of goods an optimal decision for the company.