Triways Logistic LLC's Air Freight

Triways Logistic LLC-Air Freight-in-Dubai

Delivery by a plane allows companies to receive their goods short-term. TRIWAYS LOGISTIC LLC provides a high rank consultation during an each stage complex air cargo freight, thanks to its experience in the field. We sure find the best way of transportation, do a proper cost calculation, and provide a full escort services.

Our offices in every airport of Dubai region, an appropriate certificates by IATA and FIATA agencies, as well as the certificate of the customs broker allow us to carry out our international air cargo transportation through in the world, including evem the foreign NASTA and Lufthansa air transportation bypassing the Emirates.

TRIWAYS LOGISTIC LLC sends cargo scheduled flights from all the European capitals to several dozen cities where the company opened branches to further deliver them at more than a 1000 localities.

The advantages of air cargo with the our company.

It's fast

Tentative date of air freight warehouse is a warehouse in 1-3 business days, excluding the day of registration. All the time.

And conveniently

To hand over the goods need to be sent by air transport, a customer can in the following branches of TRIWAYS LOGISTIC LLC or order the service "fence the goods."

The company takes over the entire range of services for air delivery of goods:

  • Takes the goods from the sender;
  • Choose an airport and flight, allowing to observe the stated delivery time;
  • To bring the goods to the airport;
  • Make out the air waybill;
  • Pay design of the air waybill, air freight and terminal charges;
  • Get the cargo at the airport of destination;
  • To bring the goods to the warehouse of the company;
  • It delivers the goods to the recipient, or deliver it to the destination.


We have no hidden fees. We offer the best value services. In addition, there are special prices for goods up to 64 kg. Take advantage of them! Weight of air cargo is practically unlimited

The Company accepts for carriage by air cargo from 100 grams to 10 tons. Request air travel in TRIWAYS LOGISTIC LLC by 7 simple steps:

  • Calculate the cost of transportation to the site using a calculator;
  • Please see the terms of delivery of the goods;
  • Make a request for transportation on the site;
  • To deliver the goods to the company's warehouse;
  • Pay;
  • Get the goods in stock or order it targeted delivery.