Types of Luxury Cars in Dubai

You can see many luxury cars like Rolls Royce, Audi, and BMW etc. on Dubai roads. Do you want to take a drive of one of them? So, here we have the list of some luxury cars Dubai. You can check it out and enjoy your drive-in luxury a car.

Types of Luxury Cars in Dubai

Rolls Royce Ghost:

Rolls Royce GhostIt is one of the luxury car designed and manufactured by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars (BMW). It is a 5-seated luxury car with 83 Liters fuel tank capacity. It is a masterpiece of simplicity and has an effortless elegance. Its engine is superbly designed with 420 kW horsepower. This car was first announced in April 2009.

Rolls Royce Wraith:

It is a 4-seated luxury car with 470 Liter cargo volume. It gives the average mileage of 10.2 kmpl. It comes with 6592 cc engine. It has 83 Liter fuel tank capacity. It is available in petrol model and automatic transmission. You can have a great experience while driving Rolls Royce Wraith.

Audi A8:

Don't think it as just a car! It is more than that. You can feel the luxury when you get into the car. It is a 5-seated car with 82-liter fuel tank capacity. It gives mileage of 6-14 km/l combined. Its engine is designed with 184 to 320 kW horsepower.

Bentley Flying Spur:

Bentley Flying Spur is manufactured by Bentley Motors Limited. It has a seating capacity of 5 peoples. This car will provide you with the great luxury and comfort. It has 90 Liter fuel tank capacity with an average mileage of 7kmpl.

Mercedes Benz S-Class:

Mercedes Benz S-classYou will love to enjoy a drive in Mercedes Benz S-Class. It is a 5-seated luxury car, so you can enjoy the drive with your friends or family. Its mileage is based on fuel type. It means the diesel model will give you a mileage of 13.5 kmpl on the other hand petrol model has the mileage of 7.81 kmpl. It has 80 Liter fuel tank capacity and 190 to 450 kW horsepower engine.

Rolls Royce Dawn:

Every journey, every drive is an experience that energize the body and soul. Rolls Royce Dawn is a four-seated luxury car that gives you an unmatched comfort.

You can take and enjoy the drive of a luxury car of your choice on the roads of Dubai. It will give you a great experience that you will not forget lifetime.


Source: mkrentacar.com