Types of Cars That You Can Rent in Dubai

Opting for a car on rental basis is a great way to explore the different parts of locations like Dubai or the UAE. There are many options available to the user when he or she lands in Dubai for a personal or business visit. Many dependable companies like Al Emad Cars stock up on a range of brands and models that you can avail of depending on your distinct rental needs. Depending on the distance to be covered or the type of terrain to be navigated, you can pick either an SUV, a luxury car, a supercar or a budget car Are you still skeptical about what type of car will be suitable for your needs? Then check out this post, which categorizes the different types of vehicles. It also looks at which situation will be apt for what kind of cars.

Economical Car

For those who are on a holiday or business trip in a cost-conscious manner, then budget cars will be an ideal option worth going for. These emerge as cheap cars on hire in Dubai and provide an affordable way for travelers to experience the landscapes of Dubai without overspending on the budget.

Rental SUVs


For those who want a bit of adventure, then it has to be the 4x4 SUVs that offer rugged performance under challenging conditions. Be it the desert safari in Dubai or any other off-road adventures; the SUVs will deliver capable performance and reliability. This way, they provide a total value for every dollar spent on the SUVs on rental.

Medium or Large Cars

If you have a family of 5 or more, then it makes sense to travel in comfort. Your family needs a comfortably sized medium or large car so that they don’t feel cramped for space. Be it fitting luggage or accommodating family members, these large cars won’t disappoint.

Luxury or Supercars

This option is for those who truly want the finest in life and want to make an indelible impression. They can do so without any compromise on the cost factor. Jeeps and Lexus fall under luxury cars. These premium cars are available with popular companies like Al Emad Cars.

Luxury or Supercars

To Conclude

Now that you know what type of car to go for in Dubai, then go ahead and pick a car to rent your choice. Click here to book online the car that you want and pick the car as per the schedule, from a reputed car rental company in Dubai.