Keep the batteries checked

800 Flat are your roadside rescue. When you are on a road trip or even on the road in the scorching heat of Dubai’s weather, there will be many issues you will face regarding your vehicles and when these problems occur and you do not have a choice but to call a mechanic. There are many shops in Dubai that are likely to help you in the dire situation.

Most of the batteries are made up of lead acid batteries that are the kind of batteries that produce electrical energy from chemical energy. The chemical components used in the batteries are a lead sponge, did. Sulfuric acid and lead peroxide. Dil. Acid is prepared with water by 3:1 ratio. During the process of discharging the lead peroxide coats both of the plates.

Issues regarding automobile batteries

The battery problems occur due to two reasons:

  • Heat
  • Acid stratification
  • Low charge

There is no saying when the battery will fail and cause an abrupt stop to your travelling plans. About 52% of car problems are due to battery fail. Mostly the problems regarding the batteries arise due to rash and reckless driving. Only 7% of the problems are to be blamed on companies when you face a battery fail. The main problem that the batteries face is acid stratification.

About Battery

What is acid stratification? As you know mostly the car batteries are made up of lead acid batteries. There is a large portion of sulphuric acid and water in the batteries. The sulphur can be deposited at the bottom of the cell just like sugar sometimes gets collected at the bottom of syrups. This issue occurs when the car is not used often or for short distance travel. The sulphur at the bottom is a problem because it will cause a problem when starting the car. This process is also called as sulfation. Sometimes the charge is low but the indicator shows high charge. This is due to the collection of sulphur at the bottom. It occurs when one do not charge the battery or the batteries was discharged for a long duration. There is no saying when the battery will fail, it can be completely unexpected on a deserted road where you would not be able to find a tire shop or a mechanic. Lead acid batteries show more signs of acid stratification. The solutions to the problem either change the battery with AGM battery or give the battery a little shake. Another solution is to start the vehicle with an equalizing charge that is 10% higher than the recommended charge.

There are also many other particles or materials that are not good for the batteries:

  • Glass
  • Lead lined wood
  • Molded plastic
  • Hard rubber
  • Ceramic

The batteries often fail so it is wise to get them regularly checked so you do not have to worry about battery fail in the middle of the ride on a deserted road. Even if you have that kind of problem, you should just give a trusted tire shop that can take care of your problems.