Get halal certified and be benefited.

Halal is any object and action which is permissible to use or engage in according to Islamic laws. It must be free from substances taken from any Haram animal. Since the turn of the 21st century, there have been efforts to create an organisation that certify foods for Muslims. Some animals and their manners of death can make things haram to eat.

UAE is a Muslim country and there is an increased population of Muslims. Muslims that demand halal foods. So it is necessary for non-Muslim vendors to get certified to sell their food as it is prohibited for Muslims to eat anything that isn’t allowed by Islam.

General guidelines for the use of term:

  • Lawful food - The term lawful food is used for foods that are considered lawful by Islam. The food that is considered unlawful should not be used.
  • Slaughtering – all lawful animals should be slaughtered according to the rules laid out by Islam.
  • Additional labelling requirements – when a food is certified, it should be mentioned on its label.

Applying for halal certification in UAE is as important as difficult. There are so much confusion and poor knowledge about products among people. Getting certified isn’t difficult but it may seem difficult to people who don’t know the ABC of certification. That’s where we intervene. Our founder, Dr Hassan, was the scientific and regulatory affair manager at Nestle Middle East and is certified Halal lead auditor that makes him the expert in the respective field.


We will assist you to step by step. First, we will conduct an analysis, we will provide you with the essential training. We will assist you in optimising the process. Verify an audit your services if required. We will conduct pretended external Halal audits to prepare you. We will help you to get certified by authentic authorities.

Problems that vendors face while applying for certification:

  • Lack of proper support
  • Confusion
  • Unauthentic certification authorities
  • Misunderstanding about the certification process.

We at Raqam Consultancy will help you will all the above problems. You have to worry about nothing when you come to us. We won’t leave you after the certification. We will help you in publicising, networking, market strategy and what not.

We have an extensive training program for Halal certification in UAE. We will train you to make an expert. We will train you technically and practically.

Raqam Consultancy is your best choice for getting Certification in Dubai. Other companies are not as good as ours. We know our job and we will help you like no other. No one knows the business more than us. Contact us today and get the help you need.