Benefits of having a Credit Card

This is the time of modern age. Today’s generation is more advanced as compared to the ones in the remote past, and for sure due to so many advancements in science, now our lives are safer. Back in times, if you are rich, you have to carry all of your money to yourself, like you must have heard the stories of America that money carriages were being robbed by the Red Indians. At that time all the money was taken by horse carriages and chances of losing all of your worth were extremely high but that was the fastest way to transfer money, but was unsafe as well.

Back then before going for shopping, people had to fill their pockets with money, but now as it is modern age, things have been changed to the greater extent. Now the Credit Card in Dubai is being used to carry money. This comes with so many advantages. Due to the introduction of credit cards now people carry money in the most secure manner; all you need is just this genie and the pin code. This card directly gives you access to your bank account, whenever and wherever you are in the world.

With the help of this card, you have many other benefits as well. For an instance, you can pay for anything with just a single swipe of this card, and not just this, you can also transfer money from your account to any other account in the world within mere seconds. As for British, they introduced the system of profit on the bank accounts. That means if you have fixed an amount of your money in the bank account, a percentage of that amount is inserted in your account automatically as a profit which is not acceptable in Islam. As any money gained without doing any work for it is considered Haram for you, this money as profit is also considered the same.

Muslims prefer Islamic banking, which means there is no concept of profit in this account and you will not be gaining any ill money without making effort for it and it is also according to Shariah’s principles as well. These cards are really convenient and easy to use; these are really beautiful with a microchip on the front and a magnetic strip on the back side. On the front side, there is your name and card number printed with the bold letters. Credit cards are accepted globally, and there are many more profitable key features of having this card. Moreover, you will also receive each and every update on your credit card via Text message and can know all the details of your balance or account online or with the help of text messages.